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  • Giving Back: The Hope Academy

    Recovery Wear Clothing is excited to share that we'll be donating gift cards to the annual fundraising event for Hope Academy.  Hope Academy is a high school in Indianapolis, IN. They are a tuition-free, public charter high school for teenagers in recovery from substance-use issues.

  • "The Chris" Marble Leggings

    Meet "The Chris" Marble leggings and learn about the man behind the name. Also, take a look at some amazing customer images to get some inspiration and styling tips for wearing these amazing leggings.

    These quick-dry leggings are in a beautiful marble design. The material is super flattering as well (we're talking about no cellulite peaking through and no awkward sweat pools showing up after your workout). 

  • 5 Ways Loving an Addict has Helped Me

    Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. It is sure to be our best yet – though I can’t say years prior give much to live up to. I can remember buying...